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Amusement Excavator NWJ01

Amusement Excavator NWJ01

Amusement Excavator NWJ01
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One set include one pool and 1000pcs balls Has two type:kids type and adult kids type,can spin or can't spin The excavator of the pleasure to experience the play equipment. Adults and children can play with play equipment suitable for the whole family. To nurture a child, the ability of practice, the device is fully hydraulic electric, of full simulation Recreation excavator has all the functions of the excavator. Rotatable, telescopic excavator hydraulic arm, and excavators operating actions. Make you and your child to experience a new feeling and other play equipment. Has the feel of real manipulation operation excavator as the cool super brightly.

Amusement Excavator - NWJ01


Seat high:1.2m

The most massive high:2.15m





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