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2017 modern amusement water rides swan paddle boat

2017 modern amusement water rides swan paddle boat

2017 modern amusement water rides swan paddle boat
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1.The material of the swan paddle boat: FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), water-resistant unsaturated polyester resin, isophthalic gel coat resin, E-glass fibers woven roving. 2.The characters of the swan paddle boat:
Model WP02H02 WP02H01 WP04H01
Size 2.9*1.45*0.8m 3.0×1.45×0.60m 3.75×1.45×0.60m
Rated load 2riders 2riders 4riders
Weight 145kg 145kg 160kg
Material FRP FRP FRP
Color as your like as your like as your like
3.Structure: The boat is made of fiberglass, the outermost layer of brightly colored gel coat resin. Overall structure has the flexibility to withstand normal after the collision will not be deformed, fiberglass hull heat cold long life, not insects, will not rust, low maintenance costs, even if the particular damage caused by external forces, but also easy to repair, does not affect the use of effect, the preservation of strength and stiffness, the boat is molded fiberglass hull female lined deck, roof and other accessories, sightseeing along the exterior beauty. 4.Propulsion: Power of the boat forward or backward in the form of a human foot, foot and bicycle parts of similar parts generally have the following composition: Ⅰ pedal crank axle leaf Ⅱ Ⅲ pedal crank wheel to step forward through the impeller shaft driven impeller rotation, so that the impeller blades kick back, because management action and reaction is willing to make the boat being a forward force, the boat is pushed forward, back to the boat, then make the right pedal crank shaft, impeller also reverse force, after the boat Pianxiang movement (reverse). 5.Manipulated by: For forward and backward movement of the boat has a steering problem, the rudder of the boat through the rotation, so that the boat turn left or turn right. The boat is basically the same direction with the car with the steering wheel, the steering wheel through the direction of the rod, the subsequent connection with the drive sprocket helm rudder, rudder for left or right side and from the movement, so that the boat left and right turns, with good durability resistance, when the left and right turns, as long as the steering wheel gently played in the past, the hull will be required in accordance with your direction forward. Modern Services Presale service: free for you to provide detailed product information instruction and diversified product  choice space. Mediumsales service: according to your requirements to the fastest speed and serious and responsible spirit and attitude to provide you with the scene to guide the installation and debugging, to ensure product safety normal use; After sales service: timely solve the problems found. Warranty period of our products for the repair, the  product warranty period of paid service for life.

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Modern
  • Model Number: WP02H02
  • Size: 2.9*1.45*0.8m
  • Rated load: 2riders
  • Weight: 145kg
  • Material: FRP
  • Color: as your like
  • Certificate: CE, ISO, TUV,SASO
  • Warranty: 12 months

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