Amusement Park Design

      Modern Amusement Park Design team is the professionals team in the industry. Our core design business include: theme park design, indoor and outdoor playground, park master planning and family entertainment center and product detail design. We are committed to meet the demand of all customers. Ensuring customers business objectives are met and exceeded. Modern Amusement Park professional designers utilize high technology including CAD generated 3-dimensional computer renderings.Modern Amusement Design Team devote to give you a better return on your in vestment in amplification.

Project Consulting

Modern Amusement Company more than 20 years has concentrate to amusement park rides produce, sale, installation, maintain and theme park project design.The advantages of a Modern Amusement Group solution are immense, having the simplicity of dealing with one point of contact to deliver the project is extremely cost effective and time efficient to say the least. Modern Amusement Group solutions offer clarity, and simplicity working seamlessly with the clients team. We have years of experience tailoring workshops to the specific needs by your request.

Ask for free layout diagram

 Modern Amusement Group designs are informed by the realities of construction, and our construction is informed by our experience in our design. As a turn-key provider Modern Amusement Group carefully considers each and every facet of the project from all perspectives; Starting with an in-depth feasibility study and market analysis, to design and development, to engineering and construction, through to the operations, procedures, and management of the park. Right from the project conception through to park operations, our designers, architects, and experienced operators collaborate together giving input and sharing ideas and insight, in doing this we are able to foresee and prevent any issues that may arise, saving the client precious time and money. Designed strictly according to customer's request.

Installation Commissioning

Modern amusement has the completed pre-sale and after-sale service system, can provide with the high qualtity, fast and considerate service, including the detailed installation, usage, daily operation, maintenance instructions and safety regulations. Regarding the large amusement equipments, which are involved with the professional installation and guidence, we can send the technicians to the scene supporting you. And we promise to test and operate all the equipments carefully before delivery, if you have any installating or operating problems, pls contact us freely.


Modern amusement products are high-quality, cost-effective, but for long term usage and better protection, we kindly suggest you had better get them regular maintenance and cleaning. Different products, we will offer different maintenance manuals, which will be sent with the shipment. Amusement equipments are the special products which supervised by CSBTS(State Bureau of Technical Supervision), when the equipment needs maintenance, pls try to contact with our after-sale sevice team. If you hire local people to maintain them, pls strictly hire the professional technical personnels, who are qualified with the special equipments maintenance and work on to prospectus allows maintenance projects for repair. If some major and dangerous parts needs repair, pls contact us directly, if without any authorization, the user repair parts, which can not be maintained by users specified stated in the user manual, our company won't assume any responsiblity on the accidents.

Provide Accessories

Modern Amusement Company with the more than 20 years experience in the production of amusement ride. we have made many kinds of park rides, and also design many new rides. we can supply variety accessories for many kinds park ride. as follow:horses, led lights, tires, connecting rod, crank arm, seats, motors, insulation pads, belts, bearing plate, gear, conductive ring, polyurethane wheels, belt, screw, steering wheel, track, stepping platform, platform , transmission, cylinder, bolt, kiosk, signs, guardrails, plates, gas pipelines, columns, decorative glass cockpit and other.